Small Businesses in Ireland Don’t Need A Website

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Over the past 5 years so many businesses have asked me for a website and on several occasions I declined. At the time I had a web design business, there was a recession going and here was I turning away business in their eyes. Now that I am out of that game I can give some good insights to new business when and If they will ever need a website.

Doing business in Kerry is very local and reputation is everything there. If you get a reputation of fleecing small businesses then it does come back to bite from in my experience.

I usually ask these 5 questions to businesses.

1. Where are your customers?
The majority of small business who contact me for advice really are local businesses and usually most of their customers are within 50 mile radius of their business. 80% of the time facebook will do for connecting and communicating with their potential customers. Try to get going on facebook and use this as a stepping stone to managing a website. If facebook can tick all the boxes for what you need them why get a website.

2. What do my customers do online?
Do my customers search for my service usually online? People search for accommodation or a specific product they like. Do people go online when they need a window cleaner or when then need a plumber or electrician?

3. What purpose will my website serve?
On a basic level it can offer detail directions and a map to your business other than this what do you want the website to do.

4. Do I have time to maintain and update my website.
9 times out of ten the answer is no. If you buy a website it’s a lean mean marketing machine if you know how it use it or hire someone who does. Most business owners are just too busy working 80 hour weeks to get their businesses off the ground to spare another 10 hours to put into their website marketing.

5. Will my website be found for keywords with relevant traffic?
Just because you buy a website doesn’t mean you will be found or get any traffic. Link building and working you way up the search engine can take 6 months to 2 years. Unless your keywords are low competition your not going to be found any time soon.

Learn to walk before you can run, cut your Internet marketing teeth on social media and see how much time you can put into your web marketing.


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